“One of the things that was really important to us was trying to put together a business that also gave back.”
Lance Kalish Serial social entrepreneur and Titan

Charity guests recently joined us at the Light Brigade bar in Sydney for an evening of networking, nibbles and insights from the founder of the second biggest beauty brand in the US into how businesses and charities can – and should – enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

TITAN CEO Luke Davids talks to social entrepreneur Grant Kalish in front of TITAN banner

About the talk

At the TITAN event, Lance spoke about his experience of giving millions to charities through the numerous successful companies he has founded. Attendees from charities heard how they could tap into the huge potential of corporate resources in ways that benefit the companies at the same time as transforming lives of the charities' beneficiaries.

Among Lance’s many successes, in 2006 he co-founded ‘Yes To’, which went on to become the number two natural beauty brand in the USA and one of the fastest-growing skincare brands ever. During his talk, he explained how changing the world was embedded into the brand right from the start in the shape of a parallel ‘Yes To seed fund’.

Setting the main criteria for charities to be funded as “whether charities could make us cry”, the joint founders soon realised that they were were crying a lot… and giving a lot.

"The speaker, Lance Kalish was engaging and inspiring. His story resonated with me as I try to think of ways to broaden the income streams for our charity"

Making the most of the corporate sectors resources and skills to make significant advances towards the life- and world-changing goals of charitable organisations is one of the key goals of TITAN, and Lance's engaging, inspiring talk showed how doing this right can have a huge impact.

Here are video highlights of Lance's Titan talk

Missed out?

We’re hugely grateful to Lance and all our guests, who also had a chance to chat to some of our TITANs about the ways we are supporting charities. Keep an eye on the website for future events, but in the meantime why not read about our grants and programmes to see if we could support your organisation?