What the program covers

TITAN mentorship is looking to buddy up our TITANS with charities, focusing on a particular challenge your organisation is facing.

The TITANs will initially offer 5 hours of their time for free, following which there is the potential for a longer-term agreement if both parties agree.

UPDATE: All the slots for the current round have now been filled. We will make an announcement when the next application window opens, which is likely to be early in the second quarter of this year. In the meantime we are working on increasing our mentorship capacity to enable us to accept more applications in future.

How your organisation could benefit

  • You are looking for specialist guidance on a challenging issue that the TITAN's expertise would help you resolve. This might be advice on your marketing or fundraising strategy, for example.
  • You have identified specific skills lacking on your board that a TITAN could provide in order to tackle a challenge your organisation is facing.
  • For these partnerships, the TITANs are offering their time and expertise in order to make a difference to the impact your charity makes. This is not a funding opportunity.

What you need to do to apply:

  • Have a look at the Application Process for all the information you need on the whole process.
  • When you're ready, fill in our Expression of Interest (EoI) form here
  • We'll be in touch. The program runs on a quarterly basis, so if you're not accepted this time around, we'll keep your details on file and try to match you in a subsequent round.

More information about the program:

  • Our TITANs are looking to help charities achieve significant changes, so don’t hold back from sharing sizeable projects!
  • If follow-on funding or time is provided by the TITAN, this should be negotiated directly with the TITAN. If this takes place, do let us know so we can keep track of the program's impact