UPDATE: CLOSED. We are currently reviewing the impact of the first funding round

Website grants to cover the strategy, design and build of a new website. Full terms below.

What the program covers

This program is to help charities turn their websites from a brochure site into a data-driven website, marketing and fundraising tool.

TITAN will offer charities the opportunity to receive a new, mobile-first, best-practice website built by joyful.org.

Joyful’s website build process, which covers the strategy, design and build of a new website worth the value of up to $20k, is covered by the TITAN grant. Organisations must read the conditions below before starting the first stage of applications.

UPDATE: CLOSED. We are currently reviewing the impact of the first funding round

What your organisation looks like:

  • You are a small or medium sized nonprofit organisation, with a revenue range between AU$0.3m and AU$30m (Enquire first if you are outside this range).
  • You are hungry to improve your online marketing and are frustrated by your current website and looking to revitalise this.
  • Online marketing is important to your mission and improving it is a priority (eg to help more beneficiaries or attract supporters).

What the program does not cover:

  • Contribution to the nonprofit's time and resources in creating or managing the website.
  • The ongoing website fees, payable to the technology partner Joyful. We do not fund ongoing costs, so your charity will need to be able to commit to a 12-month contract.
  • Other technology projects or consultancy, eg app development or database consultancy.

What you need to do to apply

  • Read our Application Process for everything you need to know about the whole process.
  • When you're ready to get the ball rolling, fill in our Expression of Interest (EoI) form here. If your EoI is accepted, you will be invited onto a 25 minute webinar that provides a detailed overview of the opportunity, Joyful platform and pricing and next steps, should you wish to progress your application. You will be sent a full proposal and contract to review with detailed terms and conditions before you can decide to accept the grant and sign a contract.

More information about the program:

  • We're looking to support at least 100 charities in the creation of new websites that can more effectively achieve their fundraising, marketing and service delivery goals.
  • With your permission, you will share the live data (aggregated and anonymous) with our TITAN philanthropists.
  • The website set-up will be covered in full, including strategy, design, training, content planning and project management.
  • The websites will be delivered by Joyful, the leading charity website and fundraising platform who have built more than 800 websites for charities, and are our founding partners for the website build grant.
  • If you want to hear more, there are free webinars that will provide you with an introduction to the TITAN opportunity - simply complete our Expression of Interest (EoI) form here.